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Company today

JSC «ASL OYNA» - the leading plant for the production of glass in the region of Central Asia (Tashkent, Uzbekistan). The plant was commissioned in October 2009.

Numbers of employees are more than 350 people. Glass molding specialists have passed the necessary training and training in Germany.

Since 2011 the company has implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system under the international standard: 2008.

The plant JSC «ASL OYNA» installed only in Central Asia, a glass furnace with heat recovery needle-type, which has a higher efficiency, is much more economical in energy consumption and environmentally friendly stoves of other types. The automation system allows you to control the entire process, from the raw materials and filling melting glass before stacking and packaging of finished products, and the inspection machine monitor compliance of its physical parameters.

The company can produce up to 140.0 thousand tons of glass per day and 108.0 million units of finished products per year. It was originally planned to produce only container colorless color, but the increased demand caused by the production of glass containers of brown and green. The company is able to produce bottles of any capacity from 275 ml to 1 liter, and various shapes. The company has a presence in more than 150 different forms and types of mold sets that allow producing more than 200 combinations of glass, as well as equipment for the restoration of forms.

The project is the glass production on the basis of JSC «ASL OYNA» was included in the Program of localization of production for 2014-2016gg. Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 04.02.2014g., # PP-2120.

Since March 2014 the plant began production of lightweight bottles NNPB technology, which allows reducing bottle weight by an average of 20-25%. The introduction of technology has been made possible through close cooperation with the world's leading manufacturer of glass equipment - now HEYE International GmbH (Germany).

Currently, the products of JSC «ASL OYNA» is widely known for its high quality among the largest producers of wine producing and the food industry, such as AO, SP "Efes Karaganda Brewery" (Kazakhstan), of Carlsberg (Kazakhstan), LLC "UzCarlsberg", LLC " Kamhar "JV" Afsar ", OOO Agrofirma" Mehnat ", LLC" Praga-Pivo "(Samarkand), JSC« Toshkentvino », JV« Inter-Rohat », JV« FarVab », PTK" Farovon Company ", JSC" Uzbekistan Champagne "and others.

For the expansion and modernization of production of JSC «ASL OYNA» implementing a project to install a second furnace.

 For the purpose of this project were carried out tenders for the supply of the main technological equipment among the leading manufacturers in Europe and the US glass industry. In accordance with the technical requirements of the project, based on the results of tenders were selected company Stara Glass SPA (Italy), Bottero SPA (Italy) and EME Maschinenfabrik Clasen GmbH (Germany). Equipment and accessories have been received.

Chief designer for the construction of the second furnace Stara Glass SPA (Italy)

From Bottero SPA (Italy): Two 6-cell glassware forming machine, the furnace annealing, conveyors, packaging and other additional equipment.

EME Maschinenfabrik Clasen GmbH (Germany): The equipment for the expansion of the existing power plant compound and the preparation of appropriate infrastructure for the installation of a second oven.

It is being launched and is installation and commissioning work on the installation of equipment and construction of the furnace. For the new line built glass furnace capacity of 120 tons of glass per day. Weight installation process is carried out under the supervision of Italian experts.